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  • RFID UHF Card
  • RFID UHF Card
  • RFID UHF Card
  • RFID UHF Card
  • RFID UHF Card


JTLcard Co. Ltd is one of the best companies worldwide with advanced UHF card products, including an RFID UHF card.

At JLTcard, our company’s growth gains popularity. JLTCard UHF card products are including U8 or U9,EC,MR6  

JLTcard UHF card  are widely used in transportation, campus card, shopping malls, library management, and supply chain logistics. Because of our products’ excellent quality and solid reputation, JLTcard increases worldwide recognition in domestic and international markets.
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Product Description

UHF Card Description

JLTcard UHF card is a new addition to our card arsenal with security systems and network access.

JLTcard UHF card is a new technology in the security field, and since EPC Gen 2 is an open standard, several providers are still working on creating their other advances, tags, and readers.

Moreover, if the present trend continues, JLTcard UHF card will indeed have a significant presence in the world of access, security and control. Perhaps time can tell how the JLTcard UHF card will play. However, it is a technology to keep an eye on.

JLTcard UHF Card Features

JLTcard UHF card is based on an RFID technology that enables the ISO18000-6C/EPC Gen2 protocol. It has a far greater detection limit than HF cards.

Frequency: 860Mhz to 960Mhz

Material: PVC

Protocol: ISO 18000- 6c

Card Surface: Frosted/Matte/Glossy

Chip: ALine H3, H4, M4, M5, M6, U7, U8

Size: 85.5x54x0.82mm (CR80, standard credit card size)

Read Range: It can be detected from 5 meters away. However, it depends on the environment readers.

JLTcard UHF Card Advantages

Using JLTcard UHF RFID card technology removes the need for manual operations, enhancing inventory control and automating processes.

There are several advantages to implementing JLTcard UHF RFID card technologies into the life science industry and healthcare:

●  Increase inventory insights in real-time by automating inventory monitoring and procedures.

●  Avoid using expired or recalled items.

●  Comply with industry rules.

●  Temperature and supply notifications may be monitored remotely.

●  Reduce inventory loss and avoid stock-outs.

●  Access to specific sites or items must be restricted.

●  Enhance the overall business processes.

●  Allows for highly long reading distances, achievable even with tags and cards that do not include a battery. A detecting distance of several metres is possible even with very tiny readers.

JLTcard UHF RFID card Applications

Several corporations have used JLTcard UHF card since the world is full of technology. Some corporations have enough leverage to affect the development of this UHF card.

JLTcard Capabilities On UHF Card

JLTcard is one of the prominent UHF card manufacturers that makes and distributes many RFID UHF cards worldwide.

We, at JLTcard, have already established many organizations to guarantee that enough cards are available for all users. We also provide samples to potential consumers to ensure that our products are dependable and of high quality.

JLTcard UHF card Business Advantage

We have substantial knowledge of production management (ISO9002) and have achieved creative card maker manufacturing lines as UHF card distributors and manufacturers for various sectors.

We guarantee that you will get cards that fulfil your demands because of our advanced technologies.

Moreover, JLTcard has established itself as a global leader in developing successful UHF card businesses and organizations worldwide.

We also provide low-cost UHF cards, which is why so many companies and organizations rely on our services.

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