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Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet

Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet
  • Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet
  • Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet
  • Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet

Mifare Wristbands / Mifare Bracelet

JLTcard Mifare Wristbands is a RFID wristband designed for wet places. JLTcard RFID Mifare Bracelet is a waterproof and environmentally-friendly invention for easy control.

JLTcard is an Mifare Wristbands manufacturer in China for many years. JLTcard RFID Mifare Bracelet is manufactured for easy control access and people management.

JLTcard was known for manufacturing RFID products such as the Mifare Wristbands. We are experts in RFID technology and are dedicated to making high-quality RFID products.
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Product Description

JLTcard RFID Mifare Wristbands provides numerous functions that enable you to gain easy control with just a click. Such functions gave convenience to the user in case of urgent matters.

JLTcard RFID Mifare Wristbands are used for door access control, cashless payment, tracking device, application management, and more.

JLTcard manufacture various types of Mifare Wristbands such as the MIFARE Silicone Wristband, PVC MIFARE NFC Wristband, Plastic NFC MIFARE Wristband, andNylon NFC MIFARE Wristband.

Customers like you recommend silicone as the material for MIFARE Wristbands. However, we in JLTcard can manufacture RFID MIFARE Wristbands of your preferred design.

JLTcard Mifare Wristbands Features

•  45/ 50/ 60/ 65/ 74mm in diameter
•  For child and adult use.
•  Has a working frequency of 125 kHz / 13.56 MHz

In its watch-like design, the JLTcard Mifare Bracelet adopts one-click technology empowered by the RFID

The popularity of the JLTcard Mifare Bracelet  has grown over the year. Many of our clients from hotels and resorts used JLTcard Mifare Bracelet to speed up productivity.

JLTcard Mifare Bracelet eradicates the traditional waiting in a long queue. This technology made possible services available and time-saving for customers like you.

JLTcard Mifare Bracelet  is durable, eco-friendly, and accessible anywhere. The manufactured JLTcard Mifare Bracelet are also water-proof, heat-resistant, anti-allergy, and customizable.

Aside from that, JLTcard Mifare Bracelet can be programmed to other functions which include connecting it to social media.

Here in JLTcard, you can avail of different Mifare Bracelet colors such as blue, red, black, green, or any color you prefer.

 The Advantages of JLTcard’s Mifare Bracelet

•  Soft
•  Flexible
•  Wrist-Convenient
•  Customizable
•  Usable to different places

JLTcard  Mifare Bracelet Application

•  Beach
•  Pools
•  Spa
•  Waterpark
•  Gym
•  Sport Clubs
•  Hotels
•  Offices
•   Any places with RFID control-related Applications

JLTcard Mifare Bracelet has different chips available. To name a few,mifare 1k , mifare 4k , mifare desfire , mifare plus  and more.

What’s more to JLTcard Mifare Bracelet  is that it has other features such as bar code, QR code, embossed, debossed with laser UID numbers, and a lot more.

•  Access Control
•  Door Opening
•  Patient Identification/ Medical Industry
•  Gaming
•  Identity Information
•  Event Ticketing
•  Tracking Device
•  Hotel
•  Exhibition Events
•  Social Media

JLTcard Mifare Bracelet can do more to meet your convenience. However,  JLTcard Mifare Bracelet can only be used for devices attached with RFID.

JLTcard Capabilities on Mifare Wristbands

JLTcard Mifare Wristbands connects you to the one-click convenience of your choice. JLTcard Mifare Wristbands can be programmed with endless applications you could think of. 

JLTcard Mifare Wristbands has also silk screen printing and laser printing available.

As you can see, the JLTcard Mifare Wristbands is not just safe to use. JLTcard is usable in any industries as you can imagine.

JLTcard is more capable of producing more Mifare Wristbands than you want to order.

JLTcard manufactured customized Mifare Wristbands color and logo design. JLTcard allows you to choose your preferred material and shape.

JLTcard could manufacture many orders of Mifare Wristbands. However, it may take days to depend on the number of orders you inquired about.

JLTcard produces RFID products that pass 100 percent quality control before leaving the factory.

The JLTcard provides the product samples and ensured that the products are shipped within three days.

All the manufactured JLTcard Mifare Wristbands are 100 percent safe for you. JLTcard Mifare Wristbands also functions like a credit card.

Whenever lost, JLTcard Mifare Wristbands can be canceled or re-issued by the company.

JLTcard has been certified with ISO 11784 and ISO 15693 which imposes a quality-control process on every inquiry you made.

As an ISO 18000-certified Mifare Wristbands manufacturer, JLTcard maintains a dust-free environment throughout the process to observe high quality.

JLTcard has a complete factory with different divisions. These divisions include material-making, technology programming, and packaging.

Here in JLTcard, we ensure that the Mifare Wristbands you inquire about is clean and well-packaged. JLTcard imposes strict rules on the factory, maintaining sanitation for the whole process.

JLTcard accepts multiple orders of Mifare Wristbands, depending on the negotiation between you and our company.

Here at JLTcard, we are looking forward to you as partners in a brighter future. Your vision is our mission. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

Don’t wait for any second, order your customized JLTcard Mifare Wristbands now!

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