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RFID Vinyl Wristbands

RFID Vinyl Wristbands
  • RFID Vinyl Wristbands
  • RFID Vinyl Wristbands
  • RFID Vinyl Wristbands
  • RFID Vinyl Wristbands

RFID Vinyl Wristbands

JLTcard has been a top manufacturer and producer of different RFID Vinyl Wristbands in China for over ten years.
As a result, we have gained more positive trust and experience in this industry, servicing both domestic and local sectors all over the world.

Furthermore, JLTcard‘s RFID vinyl wristbands are increasingly being utilized in hotels, waterparks, amusement parks, and GYMs.

Our RFID vinyl wristband for various events ensures a safe and long-lasting solution for athletic and multi-day events.

In addition, JLTcard strives to meet customers‘ expectations and supply high-quality rfid vinyl wristbands as a recognized provider of RFID bracelets.

We also provide potential customers with a sample product to ensure that our items are top-rated and of excellent quality. JLTcard offers customized products, enabling you to choose the styles and designs you want.
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Product Description

RFID Vinyl Wristbands Description

RFID vinyl wristbands have an enclosed RFID chip, which protects the circuitry and keeps it from becoming wet.

The wristbands are a low-cost and rapid NFC wristband technology that may be used for any activity or RFID system.

Furthermore, vinyl RFID wristbands are composed of tough 3-ply vinyl. It is a long-lasting, flexible, scratchproof, and waterproof substance and is more environmentally friendly than PVC plastic bracelets.

RFID inlay may be put into RFID vinyl wristbands for RFID wristband usage. Meanwhile, UHF, HF, and LF inlays are often used for distinct frequency bands.

RFID vinyl wristbands are commonly used for medical and amusement ticket applications because of their disposable nature and low cost.

JLTcard RFID Vinyl Wristbands’ Basic Function

Employ them for several sessions at an activity or several days at a festival or vacation camp.

JLTcard  RFID vinyl wristbands are inexpensive and available with UHF chips, NFC, or 13.56 MHz with reading ranges of 10-20 cm.

When you swipe the  RFID vinyl wristband, the RFID reader emits an encoded radio transmission that instantly recognizes the tag. RFID tags then receive the message and assign a unique identification number to the customer.

Furthermore, JLTcard RFID vinyl wristbands include small chips. These chips are detected via wristband scanners or cellphones. Typically, these wristbands serve as visitors‘ admittance tickets and information storage that will benefit managers when future activities are planned.

JLTcard RFID Vinyl Wristbands Features And Advantages


● Writing Cycle: 100,000 times

● Reading Distance: ISO18000-6C: 1-6m, ISO15693: 2-8cm, ISO14443A: 2-5cm

● Operating Temp.: -40℃ to 80℃;

● Storage temp.: -40℃ to 80℃

● HF:13.56Mhz chips: Unicode GEN2, ALIEN Higgs 3, M4, IMPINJ M3, Mifare ultralight, MF 4k, Mifare 1K S70, Mifare 1k S50, FM11RF08

● LF:125KHZ chips: Hitag1, EM450ETC, T5577, EM4550, EM4200, TK4100

● Size: 210MMx25MM or Customized 

● Antenna: AL etching antenna

● Material: 3-ply vinyl


JLTcard RFID vinyl wristbands are popular in various businesses due to their cost-saving, protection, and income-boosting characteristics.

Because of the convenience , these wristbands are increasingly gaining favor. Moreover, reading your RFID vinyl  wristband for admittance quickens people‘s admission, reducing long queues. The information may also manage people‘s entry through different doors, avoiding long lines.

In addition, if JLTcard RFID vinyl wristbands are used to handle purchases, you don‘t have to struggle with currency at gatherings. This helps make it more convenient and easy for events and activities.

Additional advantages include:

● Increase the VIP experience

● Make the check-in procedure easier.

● Gather real-time insights

● Make an experience

● Improve on-site attendee interaction

● Avoid using currency.

● Improve your relationships with sponsors.

● Prevents fraudulent activities

● Reduced lines

JLTcard RFID Vinyl Wristbands Application

JLTcard RFID wristbands are elastic and available with UHF, 13.56 MHz, or chips with reading ranges of approximately 20 cm.

Utilize them to link customers to their social network accounts, as well as for registration, authentication protocols, and transactions. Several of the industries that employ RFID vinyl wristbands are as follows:

● Comic and cartoon book convention, trade fair

● Sporting activities for arenas and stadiums, football, bowling, motorsports

● Prison administration

● Beach, playground, and swimming pool, amusement, and theme with a water park

● Tracking of postal packets and airport cargo

● Registrations of children and mothers, identification of patients, and healthcare

● Experiential marketing such as carnivals, festivals, and musical concerts

JLTcard Capabilities On RFID Vinyl Wristbands 

JLTCard is a company that specializes in RFID vinyl wristband research and development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service.

Our wristband production is also recognized in the business. As a result, we can ensure that our items are of high quality. JLTCard‘s RFID vinyl wristband was thoroughly tested. Our staff performed colorfastness testing, durability testing, and stress analysis for this experiment.

We also have the most comprehensive and complex proprietary technology, as well as excellent R&D capabilities.
Furthermore, we have over 20 facility producers across the globe that can make millions of RFID vinyl wristbands for everyone.

JLTCard has substantial manufacturing knowledge (ISO9002) and has purchased advanced RFID vinyl wristband production lines.

JLTCard Co. also provides free vinyl wristband samples before making a large purchase to guarantee quality. You will get exclusive photos and developmental videos with each transaction.

JLTcard Advantages On RFID Vinyl Wristbands

JLTCard co. has passed various certifications and standards internationally as one of the greatest RFID vinyl wristband manufacturers, allowing us to be among the best wristband manufacturers.

We are also a business with a high average and a solid track record of success in both domestic and global markets.
Due to the brand‘s long-lasting, excellent efficiency and energy consumption, it has regained a high global market, expanding multiple JLTCard markets to various countries and regions worldwide.

JLTCard can help you whether you need an RFID vinyl wristband or a customized wristband solution. If you need assistance with the RFID vinyl wristband, call us today!

Related Product Mention

JLTcard also produces products, such as:

RFID Silicone Wristband

RFID Silicone Wristband is made of FDA-approved silicone rubber with an RFID tag. It is non-toxic and has no unpleasant odor.

Silicone RFID Wristbands are also commonly used in excessively moist settings and under tough conditions like prolonged water soaking.

RFID Tyvek Wristband

Tyvek is a manufactured material that comes in sheets. It is constructed of high-density polyethylene fibers and is tougher than paper and less expensive than cloth. They are wear and moisture resistant, lightweight, robust, and elastic.

RFID Festival Wristband

RFID festival wristbands are offered in UHF, NFC, and 13.56 MHz frequencies. These RFID festival wristbands are available in various reusable and disposable materials to accommodate multiple RFID festival wristband applications.

RFID One-Time Wristbands

One-time wristbands are constructed of a current high paper substance that is robust and water-resistant. Furthermore, one-time wristbands are a low-cost and reliable wristband option, ideal for gatherings that require a simple yet secure way of authentication for various people.

Please get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding this product. JLTCard is the most suitable choice for you.

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