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RFID Keychains

RFID Keychains
  • RFID Keychains

RFID Keychains

The JLTcard upholds the values of innovation, convenience, technology, resourcefulness, and satisfaction to provide you with the best quality of your RFID products choice. Affirmatively, we can work for your vision and recommendations.

Here at JLTcard, you are free to choose and inquire about any of our RFID products. The JLTcard‘s products range from RFID Cards to RFID Key Tags.

One of the RFID products that are highly demanded by our clients is the JLTcard RFID Keychains. 

The JLTcard RFID Keychains is not just a regular keychain you knew. The JLTcard RFID Keychain is a convenient Keychain empowered with RFID and Bar Code Technology.

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Product Description

The JLTcard Corporation is an innovative company that exports, manufactures, and supplies RFID products. The JLTcard made RFID products in China and other countries of the world.
The JLTcard Corporation is famous for producing both high quality and high quantity of inquiries to all clients.

Due to its innovative and never-ending clients support, the JLTcard is an in-house RFID products producer with resourcefulness. The JLTcard adopts a customer-friendly policy that enables the company to make the best RFID products  fit for customer satisfaction.

The JLTcard manufactures any RFID products to different industries worldwide. 

Through the aid of our pro-customer policies, we enjoy high result satisfaction.

The JLTcard has the latest amenities, approachable workforce, and environmentally-concerned policies that further robust our capability to manufacture your choice of RFID products.

Without these treasures that made the JLTcard an internationally-recognized RFID products manufacturer, we are unable to produce top-of-the-line RFID products that fit your daily convenience.

Do you want to know more about the JLTcard RFID Keychains? Here are the things you must know about the JLTCard RFID Keychains.

Product Profile

The JLTcard NFC Keychain is a contactless, waterproof gadget that is manufactured for one-tap usage. The JLTcard NFC Keychain is used for accessing “convenient service” whenever you needed.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain was made to prevent you from wasting much time to avail yourself services while waiting in the queue.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain is usable and programmed to enable various services in one access. 
Recently, the JLTcard NFC Keychain’s possibility of usage is limited for time being. Because the JLTcard NFC Keychain is currently upgraded for more applications.

For the time being, the JLTcard NFC Keychain‘s usage was limited for home and industrial purposes. The JLTcard NFC Keychain could be the future revolutionary product that fits the future lifestyle.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain is made up of materials such as PVC, ABS, Epoxy Resin, and other materials. However, the materials for the JLTcard NFC Keychain are already made up within the factory.

These materials necessary for the creation of the JLTcard NFC Keychain should be manufactured within the factory to comply with resourcefulness and the company‘s responsibility towards the environment.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain was manufactured in combination with 2 technology- the RFID and Barcode technology.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain is composed of materials, an ignition coil, and a chip. The available chips for the JLTcard NFC Keychain are the F08, 1K, NFC NTAG213, and many more.

The JLTcard NFC Keychain has a high frequency of about 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz.

Product Accessibility, Adjustability, and Applicability

The JLTcard RFID Key Tag was designed and programmed with flexible features, suitable convenient services, and easy access in just one tap.
Few may have underestimated the power tap of the JLTcard RFID Key Tag because of their obsolete information about the product.
You should be fully aware that the JLTcard RFID Key Tag is a powerful one-tap device empowered with a combination of certain technologies. 
Should you know everything about the JLTcard RFID Key Tag, they are separated into different information groups: Adjustability, Accessibility, and Applicability.
Here are some things you should know about the JLTcard RFID Key Tag’s Accessibility:
 Accessible in your Internet Connection Activation
 Accessible in Information Gathering, Sharing, and Retaining
 Accessible in your Door Security Access
 Accessible in your Control System
 Accessible in your Modern Vehicles such as Cars
 Accessible in your Home Security System
 Accessible for Numerous Convenient Programmed Services
As you can read, the JLTcard RFID Key Tag’s Accessibility gives easy access fit for your daily convenience.

Here are also some things you should know about the JLTcard RFID Key Tag’s Adjustability:

 The JLTcard RFID Key Tag is made up of different industrial materials.
 Its frequency would reach up to 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz.
 The design color would be up to your choice (Black, Green, White, Blue, Red, Color Combination, or any color of your choice).
 The shape of the JLTcard RFID Key Tag would also depend on your choice (droplet, circle, square, and many others).
 It is manageable within your hand.
 You can also insert it in your wallet, set of keys, and belt loop.
 The JLTcard RFID Key Tag has the same purpose as your credit card.

Not bad for your convenience. The JLTcard RFID Key Tag’s adjustability was set to be personalized and up to your preferred style.

However, you can also apply your JLTcard RFID Key Tag for different uses like:
 Biometrics
 High-technological Secured Doors
 Office
 Healthcare
 Warehouse
 Control System
 Payment/Credit Card Substitution
 Vehicle One-tap Key
 Key Substitution
 Tracking Device
 Information Retention and Detection
 Power Switches
 Sales
 Any RFID-sensitive Machines
Here are a few of the examples where you could use your JLTcard RFID Key Tag for convenient, one-tap access to different services.

Company Compliance, Certification, and Offer

Choosing a company that would give the satisfaction you need is a must. Here at JLTcard, your satisfaction is our mission to comply.

The JLTcard is very capable of supplying the quantity of demand you inquire from us. We are capable of supplying the number of your demands. However, it would take up to 3 days or a few to complete your orders.

This is to maintain the quality, reach the number of your orders, and recheck the products before they are transported to you.

Why choose us for your NFC Keyfob inquiries?

 We use the latest amenities.
 All of the JLTcard‘s products are generated of high quality.
 ISO9002 Certified to Manufacture Product
 Complete In-house Manufacturing (Material Making-Product Transporting).
 Our factory is complying with a dust-free environment. Clients allergic to dust will be protected.
 Client inquiries to any of our products are produced out of our client‘s preferred style.
 Pro-client Smartcard Company.
Don‘t wait for tomorrow to come! Call us now for your inquiries!

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