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Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs

Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs
  • Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs
  • Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs
  • Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs

Mifare 1k & Mifare Ultralight Key Fobs

Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd is a Chinese Mifare key fobs manufacturer, seller, and exporter. Jltcard also produces and supplies RFID key fobs solutions, such as RFID keychains, proximity keyfobs, 125khz RFID keyfobs, and NFC keyfobs. Moreover, we provide high-quality products, including RFID smart cards, RFID labels, wristbands, membership cards, VIP cards, NFC cards, PVC cards, magnetic stripe tape, magnetic stripe encoder, loyalty cards, and many more.

These Mifare key fobs solutions are extensively utilized in various applications, especially in security. Not only that, but it‘s also gaining popularity and recognition in both local and overseas markets due to its exceptional quality and strong reputation.

Additionally, our Mifare key fobs make it simple for users to carry and provide credentials, and they are inexpensive to produce. They may facilitate a wide range of applications.
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Product Description

Mifare Key Fobs Description

Mifare key fobs are a component of an RFID system that consists of two parts: a microchip that holds data such as a unique identification number and an antenna, which is often a coiled wire that receives and transmits data. Mifare key fobs provide the same capabilities as RFID cards; however, they are smaller, more convenient, and durable.

JLTcard Mifare key fobs are offered in several conventional integrated chip choices. The housings for the fobs are composed of heat-resistant glass fiber reinforced epoxy or polycarbonate. Also, they come in a range of colors and sizes, and they may be customized with a brand or marketing message to enhance brand recognition. Moreover, customized colors of Mifare fobs solutions, such as Mifare 1k fob and Mifare ultralight key fob, are available.

Mifare Key Fobs Features and Advantages

JLTcard Mifare key fobs have operating frequency, memory capacity, or anti-collision capabilities. The chip is safely housed in a keyfob case, preserving the circuitry and improving performance. Furthermore, the chips will function throughout the device‘s life depending on expected typical exposure to contact, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.

Mifare Key Fobs specifications:


Frequency: up to 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz

Color: blue, black, green, yellow, red, white, color combinations, and any color of your choice.

Parts: RFID chip and Antenna, Keychain ring and Keychain shell

Mifare Key Fobs advantages:

●  Built by the leading manufacturer in RFID transponders and designed to endure the rigors of everyday usage based on client specifications
●  Functional designs keep end-user credentials close at hand and may feature customized engraved brand names.
●  Chip card functionality is well known.
●  Waterproof
●  Contactless
●  RFID data transfer is quick and easy.
●  Design is compact and unique.
●  Extremely resistant to external triggers, such as dust and dirt, scratches, and chemicals

Mifare Key Fobs Applications

The JLTcard Mifare key fobs are suitable for various applications and settings. They‘re widely known for vehicle parking, time attendance, logistics, shipping, door access, public transportation, tracking device, warehouse, healthcare purposes and many more.

JLTcard Capabilities on Mifare Key Fobs

JLTcard Mifare key fobs are produced with the highest quality criteria and have the memory structure and ability to hold various uses on a single, smart card credential. The encryption keys employed in the mutual authentication procedure safeguard the data on the Mifare key
fobs. As a result, no sensitive information will be transferred until the keyfob and reader have both been validated.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies, users can count on JLTcard in engineering and production skills that produce the world‘s most sophisticated, dependable contactless Mifare key fobs using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies. JLTcard manufactures and tests Mifare key fobs in-house using specialized equipment and cutting-edge technologies. Also, we provide a solution to meet your specific demands, ranging from simple Mifare fobs that transmit door access data to Mifare ultralight key fobs with complex data storage applications.

We at JLTcard aren‘t satisfied with simply making basic Mifare fobs. We are a technology company that develops, designs, and distributes specialized Mifare Key fobs and wearables that let individuals and businesses access doors, logistics, transportation and many more.

JLTcard Co. Ltd Advantage

Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd, one of the leading manufacturers of RFID technologies, spends months creating, polishing, and testing the products. Our industrial technologies are created in-house by the same individuals who will operate, maintain, and improve them in the future. In addition, our hands-on approach ensures the quality and usefulness of our products.

We have extensive production management (ISO9002). Our production line facilities include two Heidelberg 4-color offset printers, laminating and packaging machines, two automatic cutters, magnetic strip applicators, CIM machines, two magnetic mounting and writing devices, two RFID chip bonding machinery, data card imprinters, five convex code printers, five automatic scratch card marking, multiple DOD and laser coding printers, UV curing machines, auto punch machines, three RFID converting machines for RFID tags, and so on.

Related Products

Again, our company does not restrict itself to providing simple RFID technologies. So, in addition to Mifare key fobs, we also produce:

RFID Keychains
JLTcard RFID Keychains is an RFID technology that employs high-frequency electromagnetic waves to communicate between a terminal and a product to identify and track it. 

Proximity Key Fobs
A proximity key fob is a tiny electronic key fob that enables keyless entrance into an access control system. The chip sends wireless signals detected by a sensor, allowing programmed instructions like a lock and unlock to be performed depending on presence.

125khz RFID Key Fobs
JLTcard 125khz RFID key fobs have a pre-programmed unique ID and are compatible with any RFID reader. It is widely used for payment and access control, social security management, parking lot entrance, hotel locks, staff attendance and school campus access.

NFC Key fobs
JLTcard NFC Key Fobs are contactless technology in the hands of users Because they are tied to their keys, they are less likely to lose. Also, they are excellent for a variety of applications, including access control, marketing products, attendance tracking, and cashless vending. 

In terms of Mifare key fobs solutions, Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd is the best option. Thanks to our years of expertise, we work while involving our clients in the whole process—from cost analysis through design, tools, and manufacture. Also, we have the power to improve the brand‘s image. JLTcard may develop Mifare key fobs to meet your specific brand needs and offer business spirit to your products. Furthermore, we ensure that your items appropriately represent your brand and positively affect your consumers.

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