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RFID Inlay & NFC Inlay

RFID Inlay & NFC Inlay
  • RFID Inlay & NFC Inlay
  • RFID Inlay & NFC Inlay

RFID Inlay & NFC Inlay

RFID Inlay Description

RFID inlay is the passive element of an RFID tag‘s label containing critical data. The RFID inlay transmits data to a computer system through radio frequency signals through an RFID reader.

Moreover, the JLTcard RFID inlay is made up of two parts. An integrated circuit (IC) that holds personal identification data is connected to an antenna, a tiny coil of aluminum, silver, or copper wires that sends or receives RF signals. After that, the microchip and antenna are put on a label, and the complete item is sealed in plastic.
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Product Description

RFID inlay specifications:

Antenna Material: PET

Capacity: 512 bits

Chip: Alien H3/ H4, Monza 4 5 6

Frequency: 860-960mhz

Product Code: Alien H3 ISO-18000-6C UHF RFID tag DRY /Wet INLAY small and minimum tag

Product Category: Passive RFID antenna

Read Distance: up to 5 meters depending on Antenna.

Shelf Life: 1 year in the anti-static bag at 20~30 / 20% ℃ ~60% RH)

Storage Temperature: 20~30 / 20% ℃ ~60% RH

Thickness: 0.15+-0.02mm

Weight: 0.1g

Working Life: 10 years

Working Temperature: -5~60 / 20% ℃ ~80% RH

RFID inlay advantages:

●It comes in a more sophisticated RFID inlay design with RFID chips and antennae
●RFID-chip programming capabilities
●Good track record of effectiveness on large projects
●Inlay frequencies modification with a unique inlay 
●Using a variety of conventional and special manufacturing materials 
●Employing a tailored antenna design and dimensions 

RFID Inlay Applications

JLTcard RFID inlays are frequently used in recognition, public transportation, event tickets, automated payment, asset tracking, libraries and renting, loyalty systems, and user access management, among other things.

JLTcard Capabilities on RFID Inlay

Depending on your requirements, you can freely select our customized RFID inlay. These inlays are tailored for usage in specialized applications in numerous sectors. JLTcard isn‘t only dedicated to creating simple RFID solutions. We are a top RFID inlay supplier that provides customized RFID inlays to make it easier for consumers and companies to visit venues, get themselves there, and transact.

JLTcard, as one of the RFID inlay manufacturers, works with partners and customers by applying the most efficient and adaptive technologies to play an essential role in any manufacturing process. JLTcard manufactures completely programmable RFID inlay as well as RFID tag inlay to carry out critical logistical operations, such as package creation, receipt, and validation.
JLTcard also has substantial RFID inlay production capabilities, potentially generating over a billion RFID inlays each year based on your specifications.

JLTcard Co. Ltd Advantages

JLTcard Co. Ltd develops and implements solutions for many purposes, including security, transportation, logistical operations, library services, asset monitoring, university cards, small shops, and hotels. And, as a reflection of its exceptional quality and proven record, it is receiving attention and popularity in both local and international markets.

JLTcard has substantial management (ISO9002) expertise and has engaged in ingenious NFC inlay manufacturers designing and producing units such as , RFID inlay printing machines, and auto punching machinery, auto packing, as well as CIM machines, spray code machines, UV curing machines,., three RFID converting machines for RFID tags, two magnetic mounting and writing devices, two automatic trimming and laminating machines, and many other pieces of equipment.

Do you wish your RFID inlay would be installed right away? JLTcard provides excellent service and expert knowledge to assist you in incorporating RFID inlay solutions into your business. And if there is a specific RFID inlay you are looking for, kindly inform us as we will most certainly be able to do it for you. We can ensure that you will get a customized RFID inlay that matches your requirements owing to our outstanding expertise and equipment.

Furthermore, we have spent several years committed to RFID solutions, servicing the majority of the European and American markets. Our team works collaboratively to guarantee that our RFID inlays adhere to the top design, longevity, usability, sturdiness and effectiveness criteria. Thus, we want to be your long-term collaborator in China. Contact us now!

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