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RFID Windshield Tags

RFID Windshield Tags
  • RFID Windshield Tags
  • RFID Windshield Tags

RFID Windshield Tags

The demand for Radio-frequency Identification products soared high to many people. These people have different reasons on how to speed up their work, through the RFID product’s aid.

Many market researchers saw the possibility of how the RFID Windshield Tags could improve the workforce and daily lives of people.

RFID Windshield Tags are the road to one-click biometrics and modernized security features.
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Product Description

Many RFID producers in the world can make one for you. But the question is, what is the most trusted RFID-manufacturer company for you?

The JLTcard Company is the most recommended and trustedRFID Windshield Tags company you can rely on. The JLTcard produces high-technological, cost-effective, and ever-enhancing RFID Windshield Tags that make your life convenient.

The JLTcard obtained approval and patronage from different industries, clients, and establishments around the world. 

With the help of RFID technology, the JLTcard offers you the most convenient, multipurpose, and trusted RFID Windshield Tags you can imagine. 

The JLTcard promises you the best RFID Windshield Tags which have longevity in usage and personified designs. 

The JLtcard RFID Windshield Sticker was made from its in-house materials such as Coated Paper/PVC/PET, and other materials manufactured within the factory

The JLTcard RFID Windshield Tags is a passive RFID windshield tag specifically designed to improve the security and identification feature of your vehicle.

The product was also known as the JLTcard RFID Windshield Sticker with long-range identification detection.

The JLTcard RFID Windshield Sticker is a passive RFID product that does not need any battery to operate and is low maintenance.

The JLTcard RFID Windshield Sticker can still be identified by any RFID scanners of up to 33 feet (10 meters).

At the same time, the JLTcard RFID Windshield Sticker is useful for vehicle identification, parking areas, establishments, RFID scanners, and many others.

Since we value your presence and your satisfaction, we will give you the freedom of designing the JLTcard RFIDS Windshield Sticker according to your preference.

Meaning, you can choose to individualize your JLTcard RFID Windshield Sticker to ensure uniqueness

The JLTcard UHF Windshield Tag can go up to 860-960mhz with no hassle to use.

The JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags has also utilized the purpose of barcode technology that allows the RFID readers to read and retain your vehicle’s identification.

This means that the JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags have a readability tendency of up to 5-10 years, depending on the external factors that affect the product.

The JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags have are also tamper-proof and Anti-UV Rays Protection, your vehicle’s security and information are not highly compromised.

The JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags can be used for the following reasons:

 Vehicle Security
 Vehicle Identification
 Parking Areas
 Establishment/Facilities
 Parking Lot
 Parking Payment
 Offices
 Vehicle Tracking
 Contactless Detection
 Vehicle Safety Measures

As you can read, the specific purpose of the JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags is purely for the vehicle‘s safety and security.

Since the vehicles are vulnerable to fraudulent and high-risk activities, the JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags would ensure its information security.

At the same time, managing your vehicles through the JLTcard Windshield RFID Tags will be easier than you could imagine.

The JLTcard is one of the most trusted and established RFID product manufacturers not just in China, but in the whole world.

The JLTcard obtained awards and a prestigious introduction to many businesses and industries around the world. Since its inception, the JLTcard became reliable and capable of supplying a high volume of RFID products to every client.

However, the JLTcard would not make it without the presence of their latest piece of equipment and dedicated workers to sustain your satisfaction.

Through your satisfaction, the JLTcard became recognized and supported by vast clients worldwide. In return, the JLTcard dedicated itself to becoming resourceful and innovative.
The JLTcard is not just simply an RFID company that manufactures your RFID Windshield Label, it is a friendly company that recognizes your preference styles.

The JLTcard continued to provide and produce RFID products to be able to sustain the needs of the ever-growing planet.

To avoid compromising the quality of all our RFID products, we guarantee that they are made in the dust-free factory, adopt ISO certifications for material-making and packaging, perform quality control, and deliver them right away.

It is important to take note that the JLTcard assures the quality of RFID products by not producing them in rush.

Hurry up! Be satisfied with the JLTcard’s manufacturing services now!

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