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RFID & NFC anti metal tag

RFID & NFC anti metal tag
  • RFID & NFC anti metal tag
  • RFID & NFC anti metal tag

RFID & NFC anti metal tag

 Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd is a significant manufacturer and supplier of RFID anti metal tag in China. They don‘t just manufacture RFID anti metal tags; they even offer RFID solutions which includes UHF RFID tags, NFC inlay, RFID contact smart cards VIP cards, NFC cards, RFID blocking cards, PVC cards, magnetic stripe encoding, plastic cards, RFID wristbands and many more.

JLTcard RFID anti-metal tag is among the most accessible instruments for item monitoring due to its extended reading distances and exceptional resistance to metal environments. Their RFID anti-metal tags are developed and produced in accordance with established industrial norms essential to RFID and its applications, particularly for usage in hostile settings to identify and comprehend your company‘s RFID and NFC requirements.
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Product Description

JLTcard RFID Anti Metal Tag Description

JLTcard RFID anti metal tags are customized RFID tags that can be read on conductive objects such as metal. JLTcard RFID anti-metal tags have a coating of magnetite implanted between the RFID tag and the tag‘s adhesive backing. The magnetite reduces the disturbance generated by the metal. Magnetite is a ceramic-like substance containing iron with unique magnetic characteristics that lead to high magnetic properties and electric conductivity.

JLTcard RFID anti metal tag adds an anti-metal material to the original RFID tag to ensure it can work on the metal surface. JLTcard RFID anti-metal tags feature waterproof, high temperature, and chemical resistance. It can work outdoors in some severe environments and apply for vehicle management, storage asset management, indoor equipment management, IT asset management, sheet metal management, logistics, medical equipment management, etc. Furthermore,JLTcard RFID anti metal tags are widely used on all kinds of metal surfaces.

on metal rfid tags struction

1: Self Adhesive :  3M Glue available stick on multiple surface

2: Anti-Metal Layer: Data detectable when stick on phone case or other metal surface 

3: Premium Printing : CMYK / Pantone printing, QR code / Logo / Number .etc 

4: 100% Quality Guarantee : strick production SOP , 4 times QC before shipment 

RFID Anti Metal Tag Features And Advantages

The use of JLTcard‘s RFID anti metal tag technology reduces the demand for manual operations, simplifying management and automating operations. There are various advantages of implementing JLTcard RFID anti metal tag technologies to you or your business. Numerous RFID anti metal tags are particularly built and equipped to survive severe circumstances since so many metal surfaces are subjected to harsh environments. These tough RFID anti metal tags are usually enclosed in a metal frame and can withstand strong effects, moisture absorption, and high temperatures.

JLTcard’s RFID anti metal tag is:

●Excellent in performance at a minimal cost
●Simple to put directly on a metallic surface or irregularly shaped items.
●After being mounted to metal, it has a detection range of approximately 8 meters.

RFID Anti Metal Tag Applications

Since the JLTcard  RFID anti metal tag is waterproof, resistant to high temperature, and suitable against chemical material, it could work outdoors in severe environments. RFID Metal Tags‘ applications could be outdoor power equipment inspection, logistic management, vehicle management, machine identification.

It may also be used outside in certain harsh settings and for parking vehicles, warehousing asset management, interior equipment monitoring, IT asset management, sheet metal control, healthcare management, and other applications. Moreover, our RFID anti metal tag is often utilized on all metal surfaces.

JLTcard Capabilities on RFID Anti Metal Tag

JLTcard RFID anti metal tags are composed of ABS or a unique magnetic substance, which provides excellent waterproof performance. As a result, anti metal RFID tags are astonishingly adaptable to both metallic and aqueous environments. On the reverse side of the anti metal RFID tag, there is 3M adhesive for flexibility of use. In terms of applications, anti metal RFID tags are used in marketplaces, airports, and other locations.

As the most important characteristic, their reading distance may exceed 7m. In this aspect, JLTcard RFID anti metal tags outperform the competition. Furthermore, their RFID anti metal tag theoretically overcomes the problem of RFID not being able to be read when connected to a metal surface.

JLTcard company‘s cornerstone is high-quality products accompanied by exceptional customer service, making it one of the most renowned producers of RFID anti metal tags. These JLTcard RFID anti metal tags are widely used in a variety of applications. It is gaining substantial demand and popularity in both local and global markets.

JLTcard Co. Ltd Advantage

Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd, one of the manufacturers of RFID anti metal tag, passive RFID tags on metal, UHF RFID tag for metal containers, and other RFID solutions and related items, spends months creating, developing, and testing the products. Their manufacturing processes are created in-house by the same individuals who will operate, manage, and improve them in the future. In addition, our hands-on approach ensures the quality and usefulness of our products.

JLTcard also has strong production management (ISO9002) expertise and has invested in cutting-edge card maker production lines such as Heidelberg color, spray code devices, smartcard reader imprinters,  laser printers, fully automated card laminated sheets CIM machinery, mag stripe applicators, UV curing machinery, labeling machines, auto IC card tools, auto punch machinery, and automatic wrapping machines.

Furthermore, in order to maintain their competitive advantage, JLTcard has worked hard to improve the quality and production of their RFID solutions, and they believe that they will become more profitable tomorrow. 

Related Products

At JLTcard, you can select the best RFID anti-metal tag based on your application and budget. They don‘t simply make RFID anti metal tags: they also offer UHF RFID metal tags, metal mount RFID tags, and many more RFID tags solutions. Here‘s what else the company has to offer: 

RFID Cable Tie Tag: Made of strong PP, this JLTcard tag is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor usage. It comes with a POCKET that can house an HF or UHF antenna. It is extensively used in financial services, transportation, equipment monitoring, and theft prevention. Furthermore, the long-lasting zip tie style is easy to attach and provides visible proof of tampering.

NFC Tag: JLTcrad NFC tags are a wireless and contactless technology that includes a radio chip, antennas, and memory storage. JLTcard NFC tags are about 4 inches long (10 cm). It also does not need charging since it is powered by an electrical gadget that scans them via magnetic induction. An NFC reader close to the NFC tag may provide enough energy to deliver data.

Because of their innovative technologies, like RFID anti metal tag, the company guarantees that you will receive high-quality RFID solutions that meet your requirements. If you are unsure whether to buy or not, At JLTcard, they would gladly give you an example of their RFID anti-metal tag for quality testing. So, purchase yours now!

You‘ll be impressed with JLTcard! The JLTcard team will prioritize you. They actively collaborate with existing and new teams to enhance the value of the product and build a terrific career with you!

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