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Custom Printed RFID & NFC Stickers

Custom Printed RFID & NFC Stickers
  • Custom Printed RFID & NFC Stickers
  • Custom Printed RFID & NFC Stickers

Custom Printed RFID & NFC Stickers

JLT Card manufactures high-quality RFID stickers for different uses in various industries. JLTcard custom-printed NFC stickers are available in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges. These stickers are also ideal and useful for businesses in transportation, ticketing, ePayment, access control, and security agencies. 
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Product Description

When data security is essential, JLT Card’s NFC stickers are here for you.  

JLT Card’s custom near field communication (NFC) tags and NFC stickers come with NFC chips and NFC labels that are embedded in Pet Electronic Tags (PET), paper, or other embedding materials. JLT also custom prints waterproof NFC stickers with serial numbers, graphics, and your company logo. 

JLT Card has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing printable NFC stickers. These are stickers equipped and powered by tiny microchips that are readable only with in-range mobile reading devices. These stickers work by storing relevant information into the embedded microchips. 

When you search the net for such keywords as JLT Card or NFC stickers China, you’ll find out that aside from tiny RFID stickers and NFC stickers, the company also manufactures and distributes NFC tags. 

JLT Card’s NFC tags are capable of sending data to an NFC-capable mobile device. These tags can also perform a plethora of options like launching websites or altering handset settings. 

Compatible with modern-day smartphones 

RFID stickers and NFC tags are compatible with modern-day smartphones, especially those with in-built NFC capabilities. If you’re considering these tags and stickers should know that they can be acquired and purchased from JLT Card online. 

The extent of data and information you can store in these tags would largely depend on such factors as tag memory capacity, tag type, and tag variety. For instance, you can store a URL or phone number on these tags. 

With JLT Card’s printable NFC stickers, you can process mobile payments. If it’s stick on a tag, you can flick or swipe your NFC-capable mobile phone on an NFC device reader. It functions just like Google Wallet. 

Why JLT Card?

Aside from manufacturing state-of-the-art NFC stickers, JLT Card’s NFC stickers also boast multiple simultaneous reading and anti-collision features. These are considered NFC stickers best buy because the microchips embedded in them are rewritable. 

Specifically, these chips can capture and store big data volumes. They also operate in various frequencies like 134KHz and 125KHz. As its salient feature, these cards can also emulate various reading formats, including HID ProxCard II, Presco, EM4100, AMV, Indala, Viking, and Pyramid. 

JLT Card’s RFID stickers come with unmarked chips. This means you can easily print on them. Despite being fragile, these stickers are durable. You can also use them to copy information on other stickers and tags. 

The microchips embedded in the JLT Card’s RFID stickers are also rewritable. You can program them to your specific range or format. When you order them from the company, you can also request that they be customized according to material, size, color, shape, and other bespoke specifications. 

JLT Card is a name you can trust when it comes to your RFID and NFC needs as they have more than a decade of industry experience. As a state-of-the-art provider in the smart card manufacturing industry, they were also to provide clients with different access control cards to manage certain systems like attendance management, membership management, safety, and more. 

The different clients they’ve worked with in the past are all praises of the quality of their products and services. 

JLTCards is one of the best manufacturers of NFC stickers because of their stickers’ solid performance. The company also manufactures these equally laudable products: 

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●RFID Nail  Sticker
●RFID Sensor sticker
●UHF Sticker
● RFID Animal Sticker

Key Features of JLT Card’s tags and stickers

Here are the top features of the NFC stickers which explain why individual customers and institutional clients prefer JLT Cards over others.  

Secured. JLT Card’s NFC and RFID stickers are built on a secure and safe microchip. You can’t alter the written information on these stickers without permission. 

Non-intrusive. Some of our stickers are used for securing pets. Some animal microchipping procedures require that the glass-encapsulated microchip be injected into the animal. With JLT Card’s NFC stickers, you don’t have to burden your pet with implants, injections, and needles. 

Convenient and visible. Conventional microchipping methods need to be injected, so it would be challenging to decipher if something is microchipped. This is not the case with NFC stickers. You’ll see them attached to a tag or card, so you’ll know that it’s secure. 

Independent standards. JLT Cards’ products adhere to global standards for various radio frequencies while operating a standard network. This means that they can operate even without the support of a server or internet connection. You can take a look at the embedded information on the microchips even without paying for an app subscription. 

Confidential and secure. You can store any information on a JLT Card NFC sticker. You can also easily recover these pieces of information. They remain confidential. Only authorized people can access the same. You don’t have to worry about fraud and other unauthorized access. 

Easily readable. You can use specialized readers or NFC-capable smartphones to access the data stored in a JLT Card RFID sticker. You don’t need to install software to access these data. 

Competitively priced. Using JLT Card’s RFID sticker instead of conventional microchipping is way cheaper. The company also guarantees competitive pricing for all its stakeholders. You can order in bulk, have the said stickers customized, and also have them delivered to your physical address. 

JLT Cards is a name you can trust when it comes to specialized RFID stickers and other management and access control products. They can customize their products to fit your bespoke specifications. No matter what your needs and purposes are, JLT Cards got you covered. 

JLT Card’s customer service team is more than delighted to answer your queries and assist you in your purchases. Get in touch with them through the company website. 

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