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F08 Card

F08 Card
  • F08 Card
  • F08 Card
  • F08 Card
  • F08 Card
  • F08 Card

F08 Card

For the last 20 years, JLTcard has been a dependable and trustworthy manufacturer of  F08 Card.

We have obtained several certifications and have supplied diverse sectors all over the world. Moreover, JLTcard constantly guarantees that F08 Card  are manufactured to our customer‘s satisfaction; thus, we provide personalized cards if you want a customized style for your card.

We also offer a blank F08 card as a sample product to ensure that our product is of high quality.

Furthermore, the JLTcard F08 card offers several advantages and meets your needs in terms of access control, verification, transit, and management needs. If you need an F08 card, inquire with us now!
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Product Description

F08 Card Description

JLTcard F08 card is a standard domestic card and the most extensively utilized and well-known chip in China.

It is a non-contact IC card chip with a capability of 0.6 micron CMOS EEPROM systems and 1K 8Bit EEPROM.

The ISO14443-A international standard is followed by the F08 card, which operates at 13.56MHz.

Furthermore, this card employs a variety of uses since it is a non-contact radio frequency card processor with logical processing capabilities.

JLTcard F08 card also offers extreme detection accuracy, protected operation, and connectivity logic circuits.

In addition, because the F08 card and NXP S50 card chip’s capacity, function, and use are identical, the F08 card chip is entirely compatible with the previous import NXP S50 card. This card is also the first contactless card chip to be produced and is widely used as a smart card.

F08 Card Basic Function

JLTcard  F08 card has an embedded system chip, which may be a protected microprocessor or comparable intellectual capacity with internal storage or a memory module.

The card communicates with the scanner either physically or through a distant contactless radio frequency connection. F08 cards, which have an integrated microprocessor, can also contain vast information, perform on-card operations, and communicate effectively with a card scanner.

Furthermore, JLTcard F08 card transactions are secured to safeguard data flow from one entity to the next. Every secured operation is unhackable and transfers no more data beyond what is required to complete every process.

F08 Card Features And Advantages

The F08 chip comprises an FM11RF08 chip, an antenna, and a card foundation; it doesn‘t contain a charge, and the power from the reader is acquired via the antenna to operate, and radio technology is used to communicate with the scanner.

EEPROM Size: 1024 Bytes
Frequency: 13.56MHz
Dimensions: 85.5x54mm
Protocol: ISO/IEC14443A
Reading Distance: 1-10 cm
Antenna: aluminum foil or copper cable
Material: PVC
Size: 85.5*54*0.84mm

JLTcard F08 cards have three anti-counterfeit verification, comprising encrypting management and communications logical circuits, has strong security efficiency and logical processing operation.

It also has a broad range of applications, including low-cost rail transportation, different payment processing cards, and data collecting technologies.

F08 card has the following benefits:

1. More Protection

F08 cards provide the highest security and anonymity of any economic or transactional card in the industry. They employ data encryption systems that are more reliable than past payment card systems.

2. Multitude Of Advantages In Various Fields

Businesses, investment firms, and other card issuers gain advantages from F08 cards, including speedier operations, more sales, lower expenses, better management, and fewer losses.

3. Time-saving

Completing a transaction with an F08 card helps save time since its chip carries non-encrypted personal details, and the customer does not have to supply data for authentication directly.

4. Avoids Fraud

Other advantages of utilizing F08 cards for authentication include preventing compensation and welfare program fraud and ensuring that the appropriate individual receives the welfare payment.

JLTcard F08 Application

JLTcard F08 cards provide a safe, portable computer system capable of carrying and manipulating large quantities of data, particularly as someone‘s personal information.

It has a general-purpose computer system and opens up a relatively huge application software and innovation industry.

1. Authentication and Management

●  production line
●  warehouse management
●  anti-fake label
●  hotel management
●  logistics
●  time attendance

2. Accessibility and Control

●  campus and library
●  game ticket
●  payment membership card

3. Public Transportation

●  parking lot operations
●  bus RFID ticket  
●  subway tickets

JLTcard Capabilities On F08 Card 

JLTcard Co., Ltd. is a capable company and a well-known manufacturer of F08 cards worldwide.

In 2008, the company began to shift its emphasis from intelligent traffic systems to RFID and smart cards for technological sectors, and in 2012, it installed RFID tags and a smart card production line.

The monthly manufacturing capacity of the corporation is 3 million RFID wristband , 10 million cards, and 8 million RFID tag.

We focus on innovation and creativity as we transition from a single production facility to an RFID officially structured builder integrating marketing, technologically advanced R&D, and production via the combined powers of all JLTcard team employees.

JLTcard Advantages Of F08 Card 

We have reached ISO9002 quality requirements and obtained various machines throughout the years in this industry.

The company‘s primary products, non-contact radio frequency IC cards and RFID electronic labels, have earned IC card economic development certificates and others.

JLTcard Co. also has many manufacturing units that create millions of F08 cards for minor and major enterprises across the world.

JLTcard co. is a well-known maker of F08 cards as well as other high-quality items

. We have production plants that produce millions of F08 items for distribution worldwide, providing us with security and improving our quality of life.

If you need an F08 or want to customize any F08 cards, JLTcard can assist you.

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