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Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer

Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer
  • Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer
  • Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer
  • Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer
  • Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer
  • Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer

Contactless RFID Smart Card -- Your Professional Manufacturer

Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd is a leading Chinese contactless card manufacturer and supplier in China. JLTcard company also produces and sells a wide range of customized contactless RFID card cards, including 125KHZ chip card , 13.56MHZ chip card and UHF chip card.

Our contactless card integrates cutting-edge print and RFID technologies with industry-leading experience in reliable authentication component development. 

Furthermore, JLTcard advanced procedures and automated production make it possible to create high-quality contactless cards cost-effectively and efficiently.
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Product Description

Contactless Card Description

JLTcard contactless card employs RFID technologies to allow you to execute a transaction by hovering or tapping a card over a card reader.

The card transmits short-range electromagnetic waves holding your credit card information, which is collected and decoded by the point-of-sale system to complete a transaction.

A tiny chip is inserted that emits electromagnetic waves in the cards to enable our contactless card to function correctly.

However, this is not the "insert" chip that you use in place of swiping. Instead, your transaction information is communicated when you put your card in just a few inches of a card payment reader.

JLTcard Contactless cards, often known as "tap to pay," are up to 10 times quicker than traditional means of payment.

JLTcard Contactless Smart cards are linked to gadgets, such as smartphones or smartwatches, that offer an alternate contactless payment method that uses a similar tech as contactless cards.

Users using our contactless RFID card may tap and go at partnering shops rather than pull credit cards from their wallets, handbags, or pockets.

JLTcard contactless card specifications:

Material : ABS/PVC/PET (Glossy / Matte/Frosted)

Size  : CR80 85.5*54mm as Credit Card

Thickness : 0.84mm , 0.88mm etc

Common Chips : TK4100, MIFARE 1k , ICODE , T5577 , EM4305 
Chip Capacity: 256 bytes to 1024 byte

Warranty: 1 year and free lifetime maintenance

JLTcard contactless card advantages:


JLTcard contactless cards aren‘t limited to credit cards. Contactless readers equipped with NFC technology can connect with phones as well as linked accessories like watches.

With the introduction of smart devices, consumers could pay if they had forgotten their card or whether it was out of range.

Moreover, you may even pay from inside your wallet without grabbing your card, making the payment procedure more straightforward for the consumer.


By utilizing JLTcard contactless cards, are set to be ready in 15 seconds and function twice as quickly as standard cards.

Having less cash processing and preparation, transactions are finished quicker, turnover is sure to increase, and lineups are less likely to form.

Because pin codes are no longer required and the transaction simply requires a touch on a reader, the number of workers behind cash registers may be reduced and thus spread out into the sales floor to enhance other aspects of customer care and the shopping experience.


If you lose or steal your contactless card, you may block the account or inform your bank, which will overlook and modify illegal payments. The danger of fraudulent behavior or theft seems much more significant since the user merely has to touch the card onto the scanner.

But, built-in security guarantees that the same transaction does not happen again by mistake. If detected, the data and numbers associated with the card cannot be decoded since unique numbers are utilized for operations that do not correspond to card numbers.

Furthermore, setting a minimum limit safeguards consumers against more significant, illegal transactions.

Contactless Card Applications

There are several locations where you may use a JLTcard contactless card. Countless establishments around the nation now accept contactless payments, ranging from major supermarkets and fast-food eateries to retail outlets and petrol stations.

In addition, our contactless card allows you to pay fares to any public transportation. Employ our contactless card and start tapping to checkout quicker and more secure than ever.

JLTcard Capabilities on Contactless Card

JLTcard, as one of the manufacturers of the contactless card, communicates with collaborators and customers by utilizing the most equipped and adaptive technologies to play an essential role in any manufacturing process.

JLTcard creates an entirely customizable contactless card, as well as a contactless smart card, to carry out payment methods.

JLTcard also has substantial contactless card manufacturing capabilities, with the potential to generate over a thousand contactless cards each year based on your specifications.

Furthermore, our production process complies with ISO9001:2008 standards.

JLTcard isn‘t only willing to create simple contactless RFID cards devices. We are a leading contactless smart card manufacturer that provides bespoke cards with an excellent contactless card design to make it easier for users and companies to transact payments without hassle. 

JLTcard Co. Ltd Contactless RFID card Advantages

JLTcard contactless cards need various complex equipment, such as air mold metal cutting machines, heat sealing machines, custom chip silk screen logo printing machines, air mold metal cutting machines, and many more.

We have a long history of producing excellent contactless cards. Also, for its most acceptable contactless credit card characteristics, our contactless cards are appropriate to apply for the purchase of contactless smart cards extensively.

Furthermore, we have several cutting-edge production facilities. They are adaptable and efficient, allowing us to produce high-quality products in a short period of time. Since Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd. consistently prioritizes quality, you can rest assure that you’ll have the best products at your disposal.

Aside from contactless cards, we also offer the following:

Contactless IC card

JLTcard contactless IC card is a smart card with an embedded microchip pre-programmed with the owner‘s information. They‘re often utilized as credit and debit cards and in other places, including public transit, worker and student identification, hotel/restaurant check-in, and parking spaces.

Contactless Cash Card
With JLTcard contactless cash cards, users may use their credit or debit cards with RFID technologies to pay for products and services without swiping, input a personal authentication number (PIN), or register for purchase. 

Blank Contactless Card
JLTcard blank contactless cards include an embedded circuit, such as a secured microprocessor or similar intelligence with internal memory or merely a memory chip built-in.

Moreover, it may be used in various settings if the correct programs are loaded into its memory. A specialized contactless radio wave interface is employed to connect this card to a reader.

Contactless smart card
JLTcard contactless smart card is a radio frequency card with a program that emits data to a reader in milliseconds without making physical touch. The card may be used in buses, subway stations, restaurants, hotels, and schools.

Due to the recent growth in virus transmission, it‘s possible that the "contactless" feature of the payment mechanism was what eventually convinced the industry to accept it.

And with our contactless card, the payment process is quicker and safer than tapping a credit card chip and scanning a credit card stripe. Are you getting the most of your contactless card solutions? Get in touch with us right now!

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