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RFID Nail Tag

RFID Nail Tag
  • RFID Nail Tag
  • RFID Nail Tag
  • RFID Nail Tag

RFID Nail Tag

Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd is a Chinese RFID nail tag producer and marketer. JLTcard also develops and distributes a variety of customized RFID technologies, including RFID tree nail tags, RFID wristbands, RFID keyfobs, NFC tags/stickers, gift cards, NFC cards, magnetic stripe cards, membership cards, and many more.

The RFID nail tag is one of our main products. It has various excellent qualities that fully satisfy clients‘ expectations in the marketplace, and it has been carefully studied and produced by our professionals. Also, it is distinguished by consistent performance and long-lasting quality. Aside from that, it has been meticulously developed by experienced designers. Its distinct look is one of its most distinguishing features, helping it stand out in the business.

Furthermore, JLTcard offers high-quality RFID nail tags designed at a reasonable price. We provide these nail tags with a wide range of personalization options and may be used for various reasons.
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Product Description

RFID Nail Tag Description

JLTcard RFID nail tag is one-of-a-kind nail-shaped that can be readily driven into trees and timber objects. They are as simple to use for tagging wood and other solid materials as striking a nail on the head. Moreover, the JLTcard  RFID nail tag is designed for demanding usage, with excellent resistance to moisture and rust in damp and chemical situations.

JLTcard RFID nail tags, for instance, are often utilized for labeling trees, wooden goods, and pallets for a range of shipping and construction purposes. This kind of tag provides solid installation since it can be quickly pushed into place and are difficult to remove. Furthermore, our RFID nail tags with multiple frequencies of 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, or UHF 860-960 MHz are available.

RFID Nail Tag Features and Advantages

JLTcard RFID nail tags are efficiently and effectively installed into shipping containers and pallets, allowing for reliable real-time monitoring and providing institutions with the data they need to manage manufacturing processes, workflow, and stock control.

JLTcard RFID nail tag specifications:

Material: ABS

Color: Black or Customized

Chip: 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, or UHF 860-960 MHz

Standard Size: 6mm*36mm or customized

Feature: Rust-resistant, waterproof, shockproof, long using life

JLTcard RFID nail tag advantages:

● It has high resistance to moisture, temperature changes, shock, and vibration.
● It is easily inserted and almost impossible to remove, giving a rapid and secure installation.
● It is fully automated, and the direct-bonding technique ensures consistent performance.
● The chip reading range is reliable.
● The design of a nail tag matches your specific needs in terms of chip type, size, functionality, and materials.

RFID Nail Tag Applications

JLTcard RFID nail tag is utilized to mark living trees for forestry and shipping purposes. Moisture resistance and reliable quality in a wide range of temperatures guarantee long-term effectiveness. Furthermore, our RFID nail tag is used in a variety of applications, including:

JLTcard is utilized to mark living trees for forestry and shipping purposes. Moisture resistance and reliable quality in a wide range of temperatures guarantee long-term effectiveness. Furthermore, it can be used in a variety of applications, including supply and logistics, identification of trees, tracking of boxes, cartons, and pallets, and security.

● Supply and Logistics
● Identification of trees
● Tracking of boxes, cartons, and pallets
● Security

JLTcard Capabilities on RFID Nail Tag

JLTcard offers a variety of customized radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging solutions. Our RFID nail tags are designed to withstand harsh treatment, with increased moisture, vibration, and shock resistance. With our RFID nail tag and RFID tree nail tags, classifying trees and other solid materials is as simple as hitting the nail on the head. Additionally, embedded technology is protected during setup and utilized by rugged polycarbonate housing. Every nail tag is securely held in place by the nail shape. 

Furthermore, our nail tag comes with multiple low-frequencies integrated chips with a unique electronic identifying code. Specially made JLTcard RFID nail tag integrated chip options are also accessible to meet application handling speed and memory capacity needs.

We, at JLTcard, aren‘t contented with making basic RFID nail tags and RFID tree nail tags. We are an RFID tag solution supplier that develops, prototypes, and distributes fully-equipped nail tags that provides individuals and businesses with a simple method of identifying trees and simplifying their shipping processes.

JLTcard Co. Ltd Advantages

JLTcard‘s solutions are created and used in various applications, including privacy, transportation, digital library, asset tracking, supply chain and logistics, small shops, and hotels. And, as a result of its great quality and track record, it is gaining increasing reputation and appeal in both domestic and foreign markets.

JLTcard has substantial management (ISO9002) expertise and has engaged in advanced RFID tags manufacturer‘s production lines, such as Heidelberg printers, branding, spray code machines, auto packing, auto card laminators, and auto punching machinery, as well as data card imprinters, CIM machines, and auto IC card hardware. Furthermore, we have three RFID converting machines for RFID tags, five automatic scratch card stamping machines, two RFID chip bonding machines, two automatic trimming and laminating machines, packaging machines, two magnetic mounting and writing devices, five convex code printers, and many other advanced pieces of equipment are used to produce RFID solutions that you are presently utilizing.

Related Product

Some of our RFID nail tag solutions are the following:

ABS RFID Nail Tags

Our RFID Nail tag comprises ABS exterior covering and a robust RFID transponder within it. ABS RFID nail tag can be mainly utilized in logistics, property tracking management, industrial parts management, wooden products tracking control, and ash bin management.

Tree RFID Nail Tags

Tree RFID nail tags can identify the age of a tree in the forest, the production rate of fruit trees, and save all tree and timber characteristics. RFID tree nail tags may be used outdoors on a sunny or rainy day. 

13.56MHZ RFID Nail Tags

RFID nail tags with 13.56MHz chips are commonly employed for tree management, timber recognition, property monitoring, and the manufacturing and transportation of costly furniture. The nail tag is modest in size but coated with epoxy, making it sturdy and durable, entirely water and rust-resistant and dustproof, in damp and severe chemical environments.

Do you need RFID nail tags for your forestry or shipping processes? Think of us as your RFID nail tag provider. With Shenzhen JLTcard Co. Ltd, we can ensure that you will receive a well-equipped customized RFID nail tag that matches your specifications thanks to our fully advanced manufacturing equipment. 

Additionally, Our JLTcard employees maintain a "user-centered" as the objective of their job and are eager to collaborate with all existing and future partners, expanding the product value and building a bright tomorrow with you!

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