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RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag

RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag
  • RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag
  • RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag
  • RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag

RFID Cable Tie Tag & RFID Zip Tie Tags & RFID Seal Tag

Jltcard is a market-leading producer and distributor of smart cards, keyfobs, wristbands, and a variety of other RFID-related products. We are a reputable Chinese firm that offers RFID equipment in various industries throughout the world. JLTcard has also acquired a vast amount of knowledge over our many years in this industry.

Furthermore, the RFID cable tie tag is one of JLTcards‘ products that are extensively utilized in various sectors for identifying and monitoring services. Because we believe that customer happiness is the most crucial factor, we tailor our items to your tastes. In addition, JLTcard provides customized RFID cable tie tags with a sample product to ensure you that our goods are high-quality and trustworthy.
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Product Description

RFID Cable Tie Tag Description

The RFID Cable Tie Tag is incredibly dependable, strong, and effective for verification and authorization when analyzed by a reader. These RFID cable tags can store and recreate information particular to the item they are tied to without the need for touch or line of sight. The data of a tag may include details about a product‘s history, actual data storage, evidence of ownership, and a product‘s identification. The chip also has the multi-read capability, allowing many tags to be evaluated simultaneously.

RFID Cable Tie Tag Basic Functions

Personal monitoring of devices takes much time and is prone to errors, resulting in significant item waste when checking private, corporate, and industrial things or shipments. Therefore, using RFID cable ties is advantageous for management software entrusted with the difficult chore of inventory management. The principal uses include shipments, canning jars, deliveries, monitoring, and identifying items services.

Furthermore, RFID cable ties are great for recyclable materials, small containers, tubes, metal boxes, and huge bags since they cannot be removed without causing damage to them. In addition, the RFID cable tie tags are widely utilized in container labeling, letter pouches, money luggage, in-land mobility, pallet movement, and logistics.

RFID Cable Tie Tag Features And Advantages

RFID cable tie tags are excellent for large-scale warehouse management since they have extended reading frequency. The scanning distance with an RFID cable tag and an embedded scanner might be six meters or more. The reading proximity largely depends on the scanner. Furthermore, the RFID anti-collision feature simplifies actual operation. The scanner can identify many tags simultaneously, thus saving time. 


●  Procedures for more appropriate documentation, thus avoiding human mistakes.
●  Read-only low frequency (LF – 125 kHz)
●  Items are identified by their distinctive identification.
●  Flexible, contactless data communication
●   Reprogrammable high frequency (HF – 13.56 MHz)
●  Solid and resilient to hostile conditions and cleaning procedures
●  Data administration is completed more quickly than with a paper method.

Model C1

●  Size: 330mmx30mm
●  Tile Tag: 92*28 mm
●  Tie: 355 mm

Model C2

●  Size: 330x30mm
●  Tile Tag: 52*21 mm
●  Tie: 278 mm

Model C3

●  Size: 330x30mm
●  Tile Tag: 60*28 mm
●  Tie: 285 mm


RFID cable tie tags, also known as zip tie tags, are developed to attach items and resist challenging situations securely. Maintenance and configuration, transportation, asset monitoring, and network cables are good places to start using this. These tags are simple to put consistently and might include an integrated locking system for visible confirmation of manipulation.

Furthermore, to assess and detect commercial boxes, baggage, warehouses, and lockable containers, personalize your tags with data about the product or encoded code. The JLTcard zip-tie tags are dirt and water-resistant and have an IP68 rating. These tags are also impact-resistant with no loss of effectiveness.

RFID Cable Tie Tag Applications

RFID cable tie tags are a versatile tag alternative for securing loose items and tracking things. In addition, the RFID cable tie tags are simple to connect and may be affixed to metal items. They also provide a novel alternative for apparent and speedy object authentification. Additionally, the cable ties are integrated with an RFID reader, combining the multiple benefits of a standard cable tie with the RFID system. 

Moreover, the ties are ideal for fastening, serializing, monitoring, and identifying items in managing resources, electricity checking, inventories, delivery, and rental operations, as well as for convenient tracking of service and maintenance procedures.

JLTcard Capabilities On RFID Cable Tie Tag 

JLTCard is a company that provides RFID cable tie tags that have undergone rigorous research and development, manufacturing, and marketing service. Our RFID cable tag production is well-known in the business. As a result, we can ensure that our items are of top standard.

Furthermore, JLTCard‘s RFID cable tags were carefully tested, and our staff performed structural analysis, endurance evaluation on these products. JLTcard‘s crew has the most extensive and complex proprietary technology, as well as exceptional R&D capabilities.
In addition, we have over 20 site producers across the globe that can make thousands of RFID cable tie tags to meet everyone‘s demands. Also, JLTCard has vast competence in production (ISO9002) and has purchased modern RFID cable ties production lines. 
Are you wondering where to get RFID cable tie tags? What are you waiting for? Inquire on JLTcard right now!

JLTcard Advantages On RFID Cable Tie Tag 

JLTCard, among the top cable tie manufacturers, has passed various certifications and standards throughout the globe, making us one of the top RFID cable tie tag manufacturers. We are also a business with a high average and a solid track record of success in domestic and global markets.
Furthermore, due to the excellent brand‘s long-lasting, impressive performance and power requirements, it has regained a high global consumption, resulting in the expansion of many JLTCard markets to multiple countries and regions worldwide. 

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