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Anti Metal ABS NFC Disc Token

Anti Metal ABS NFC Disc Token
  • Anti Metal ABS NFC Disc Token

Anti Metal ABS NFC Disc Token

JLTcard corporation is at the top of the list when it comes to producing and distributing NFC tokens. The company is based in China and has earned the trust of various sectors throughout the world. JLTcard also provides a wide range of NFC tokens that will undoubtedly meet your demands in your business, whether for security, administration, or mobile.

Furthermore, JLTcard constantly ensures that you are satisfied with every product you acquire and can use their goods in the most advantageous way possible. 
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Product Description

JLTcard NFC Token Description

NFC is a standard wireless technology that enables information to be sent among devices connected to one other. It is frequently utilized as a more secure and faster QR code for various short-range platforms such as mobile transactions. There isn‘t much to the innovation in practice because you have electronics reading equipment such as reader  that can read data from numerous NFC tokens.

Moreover, JLTcard NFC tokens are remarkably adaptable and practical when tiny data must be sent quickly.JLTcard NFC tokens are also integrated into digital photography and earphones, for instance, and maybe tapped to begin communication with the gadget rapidly.


1:  waterproof 

2: High temperature resistant (with PC compound material or ABS material )

3: Reusable 

4: Rewritable 

5: Support customized size , chip options

6: RFID hard tag for patrol 

7: Support anti-metal layer , adhesive 

8: Identification and tracking for assets 

9:  For patrol and attendance 

10 : RFID patrol tag 

11: NFC RFID coin tags 

12:  Dia 30mm abs RFID Nfc token tag 

13: Color: Red, Orange, White, Blue etc

NFC Token Basic Function

JLTcard NFC token is a data transmission technology that enables mobile phones, computers, iPods, and other devices to communicate data while they are in close contact. Moreover,  contactless payments are enabled via NFC technology, which is used in mobile payments such as Android Pay, Apple Pay, and card payments.

The primary function of an NFC token is to replace a Primary Account Number (PAN) with a token wherein a token is a 16-digit number created at random that substitutes the PAN but symbolizes that PAN to all participating in the operation.

NFC Token Features And Advantages

RFID Coin Tag

JLTcard RFID Coin Tags are packed coils that may be printed and marked in the same way as employment licenses, passports, and card payments are. It usually has a diameter of  20mm/30mm. JLTcard RFID Coin Tags can also be used for parking, attendance control, network connectivity, authentication, public transportation, ticketing, card transactions, service items, and other purposes.

●Memory 128 bit memory
●Frequency 125KHz  , 13.56mhz 
●Chip NTAG213, NTAG203, Topaz 512, Ultralight (C),NTAG216, Fudan 08
●Material PVC, PET, ABS.  

RFID Disc Tag

Because each RFID disc tag has a unique 10-digit ID, multiple tags can be utilized in a specific project and acquired in any number. This RFID disk can identify people, manage entrance to locations and equipment, and activate other actions in an automated process.

● Operating temperature -10 °C to 50 °C
● Color Black
● Operating frequency 13.56 MHz
● Physical dimensions Dia 35 mm × Thickness 4 mm Hole 3.5 mm
● NFC Compatible Yes
● Material ABS
● Compliance Ti2048
● Package Ultrasonic

Blank Tokens

The JLTcard  blank token is a utilitarian coin used in the blank wallet system and communities. The coin has an amount of 125 million tickets, which will be distributed among the general populace of sale purchasers, future development, adoption, advertising, the founding team, and advisers. It has a circulating supply of 13,189,741 tokens and a maximum quantity of 125 million tokens. The token may also be used in the wallet‘s referral program to incentivize financial intermediaries and access to unique services.

Black Hole Token

The Black Hole Token is derived from the Ethereum platform and steadily expands to BSC, SOL, Polkadot, Heco, and, potentially, the entire blockchain globe. Every user or project might form a flaming pool by owning black and an old token to continuously replace the old token into a new token.

Anti-Metal Black ABS NFC Disc Token Tag 

They are waterproof, dustproof, and waterproof, and they may be applied to metallic surfaces, enabling them to be used both indoors and outdoors. These have a hole in the middle that allows them to be screwed or fastened to things.

On Metal ABS NFC Sticky Token Tag For Rfid Patrol Token

The JLTcard Ntag213 NFC Token makes way for widespread use in commerce, digital media, and gadgets of NFC tokens. In addition to boosting radiosensitivity, the latest Ntag21X series has more storage capabilities and a slew of new features such as UID mirror, authenticity sign, and password security.

● Data retention:≥10 years
● Protocol:ISO/IEC 14443A
● Memory:180 bytes
● Size:25mm or 30mm
● Frequency:13.56MHz
● Reading Range:0-10cm
● Lead time:7 Working Days
● Operating temperature:-20 to 65 degrees C

NFC tokens also give several benefits, such as the simplicity and ease of transferring money without the need for a wallet or cash card. It also offers diverse operations with payment systems and smooth device connectivity. Furthermore, JLTcard NFC token purchases are safer than credit card payments

NFC Token Application

When it comes to access control, administration, and security systems, JLTcard NFC Token is extensively utilized in various sectors and businesses. You will not have to worry about your organization‘s safety because JLTcard is a respectable corporation that offers high-quality NFC tokens. It will make your everyday tasks easier and your life more secure.

Company Capabilities On NFC Token

Jltcard is a leading provider and manufacturer of NFC tokens in various sectors. Every year, they make and sell million NFC tokens worldwide and they have already established several organizations to ensure enough NFC tokens will be made for all customers.

JLTcard additionally provides samples to potential consumers to ensure that their products are dependable and high quality. Furthermore, JLTcard has already received several certifications such as ISO 9001, S4GS, CE, etc., so you are guaranteed that they will help you whether you want to inquire or are interested in NFC tokens. Buy NFC tokens right now!

Company Business Advantage

JLTcard‘s production process has undergone extensive development and continuous integration. They have a comprehensive understanding and have acquired unique card manufacturers‘ production lines such as auto punch machines, magnetic strip applicators, UV curing machines, CIM machines, labeling machines, auto IC card equipment, and spray code machines, among other things.

All JLTcard employees constantly prioritize customers as a career goal and are excited to collaborate with all current and new collaborators, boosting the business‘s quality and developing an excellent future with you.

 If you need any of these items, please contact the JLTcard company immediately!

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