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Smart Card: The Definitive FAQ Guide

Time:2022-08-06 Views:541
At JLTcard Co. Ltd, we offer high-quality smart cards that meet your specific requirements. These smart cards make your every transaction more convenient and secure.

JLTcard smart cards are frequently utilized in the fields of security, supply chain and logistics, transportation, and administration of libraries, warehouses, campus cards, malls, and hotels, among others. 

1: What is a Smart Card?

A smart card, generally a sort of chip card, is a plastic card with an integrated computer chip that stores and transmits data. 

The embedded chip might be of the memory or microprocessor variety. 

The card‘s chip stores and processes this information, often linked to either payment or information.
How do you use a Smart Card Reader?

Smart cards with integrated chips use smart card readers for electronic purposes such as access control and financial transactions. 

Readers for smart cards demand that the user physically put the card into the device. 

Smart card readers acquire or "read" this kind of data. 

These simple-to-install gadgets read the information from 13.56 MHz contact or contactless smart cards.

2: What are the Features of a Smart Card?

Smart cards offer ways to authenticate and securely identify the cardholder and other parties who need access to the card. 

For instance, a cardholder may authenticate using biometric information or a PIN number.

In addition, they provide a mechanism to encrypt connections and securely store data on the card.

3: Can Smart Cards be Hacked?

Unless there is a fundamental fault in the smart card—without the password in the card—it would be difficult for a hacker to react correctly to the challenge/response protocol. 

Hence, you cannot have your smart card compromised merely by having it activated by a reader.

However, they can only hack you while your card is active in the system; as soon as you take it out, they cannot impersonate you any longer since they cannot finish the request or reply.

4: How Much is a Smart Card?

Depending on the key features of the smart card, it often varies from $2 to $10. 

Chips that provide more capacity and advanced features cost more per card; if more cards are bought, the cost drops.

5: Will the Chip Card Still Work After Being Washed?

Almost all smart cards continue to function following a wash cycle.

Such as those found in detergents, smart cards are designed to resist chemicals and are waterproof.

They won‘t be harmed unless they are badly scratched or deformed by heat exceeding 135 ℃, such as in heated water or dryers.

6:  What is the Difference Between a Smart Card and a Debit Card?

A smart card is a credit card-sized device that stores and processes data on a small chip. 

On the other hand, a debit card is a payment card that immediately deducts funds from a consumer‘s bank account to pay for a transaction. 

Also, smart cards provide more security than debit cards.