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Everything You Need To Know About MIFARE 4K Cards

Time:2022-08-15 Views:491
JLT Card’s smart cards are revolutionizing several industries, from transportation to finance. Its small plastic S70 card can function as an ID, keycard, and tracker, depending on the client’s desired application. MIFARE cards are among the most trusted and most popular types of smart cards in this field.

If you‘re a business owner looking to adopt more intelligent technologies or streamline your existing business processes, you need to know about JLT Card’s MIFARE cards.

JLT Card is the brand you can trust for MIRAFE cards

JLT Card utilized the MIFARE technology, a proprietary tech that allows the manufacturing of the latest MIFARE classic 4K cards. It is a trademarked intellectual property by NXP Semiconductors, a multinational semiconductor manufacturer and designer headquartered in Eindhoven,

Netherlands. It originally referred to a series of microchips or integrated circuits (ICs) mainly used in proximity sensing cards.

The semiconductor manufacturer‘s proprietary solutions are compliant with ISO/IEC 14443, which governs the design and manufacture of identification cards, contactless integrated circuit cards, and proximity cards.

JLT Card’s MIFARE S70 card has an embedded contactless smart card, smart paper tickets, smartphones, and electronic wearables.

MIFARE comes from MIKRON FARE Collection, initially created by the electronics company Mikron. Some different variants and products employ the said technology, starting from the MIFARE classic 4k cards, the Ultralight family, DESFire family. 

MIFARE works via NFC technology

Like most products under the ISO14443 standard, all JLT Card’s MIFARE card products also use near-field communication (NFC) or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology.

Both NFC cards and RFID tags follow a wireless standard of communication. However, unlike other wireless technologies like WiFi or 4G networks, this tech is highly short-range.

The range for NEC devices is usually within four (4) centimeters or less, although RFID devices can work as far as 100 meters.

JLT Card’s MIFARE classic 4k card works with an internal antenna as a transmitter-receiver. It is embedded into a card or a ticket and a microchip containing data such as the holder‘s identification information.

It also includes other programming relating to the specific protocol used in the system. This circuit embedded in the card interacts with a reader or receiver that emits a magnetic field. Most MIFARE cards need to be "tapped" on top of a terminal, although certain products like the MIFARE s70 card.

Advantages of JLT Card’s MIFARE 4K Card

Aside from the strictly short range of NFC cards, other devices using this technology are also usually restricted to a single application.

If you are using the same reader or card for a different purpose, you‘ll need to reprogram every device. Worse, you might need different keycards for other areas or applications.

JLT Card’s MIFARE S70 card is designed to be used for multiple applications. A single card with your identification details could be used for different purposes.

MIFARE cards from JLT Cards allow you to use the same card for various purposes, from payment to accessing other areas with additional security clearance requirements.

Several features make MIFARE cards among the most secure devices currently available. An average MIFARE 4K card uses at least 28 applications, each one holding 32 files.

These files compartmentalize and store user and system data. They are encrypted with 128-bit encryption algorithms plus rotating security keys.

Unlike conventional NFC and RFID technology systems, an entire MIFARE system goes beyond a set of transceiver cards and readers. You can extend the infrastructure to include other devices such as keyfobs, biometric terminals, and even smartphone applications.

In terms of usage, most JLT Card’s NFC cards or RFID tags don‘t need to be inserted into a terminal. This mean using it won’t take much time and has a lesser risk of jamming.

Instead, you only need to expose the device or tap them over the reader. This advantage makes JLTcard’s MIFARE classic 4k card a cut above the rest.

JLT Card’s MIRAFE cards are used in various industries
Ever since near-field communication has become publicly available, engineers continue to find ways to make the technology more efficient and more affordable.

By democratizing access to NFC cards, humankind continues to find additional applications for this technology.

Below are some industries that use JLT Ccard’s MIFARE 4K cards:

Employee ID

As mentioned earlier, JLTcard’s NFC cards are used to distribute smart IDs that contain user information. This is becoming increasingly common, especially among businesses in the finance and technology industries.

The MIFARE classic 4k card can be printed with the conventional ID details such as employee photo, name, or employee number. However, you can still use the same card for terminals and readers to gain access or log entry and exit.

Cashless Payment

This application commonly uses the MIFARE DESFire technology. Although some clients have turned to other MIFARE S70 cards, this classic version remains useful.

Usually, the NFC card is connected to an online account, primarily a digital wallet with an existing balance. This can be used for different purposes, with a single card usually used by various merchants.

The only qualification for its usage is that it should be compatible with the merchant payment system. It also includes loyalty payment cards used in public transportation.

Asset Tracking

JLT Card’s MIFARE 4K cards are also used as identifiers for specific assets like trucks for companies in the transport and logistics sector.

hese cards, installed or issued with a transport vehicle, can be used as an ID. Once they pass through a gate or arrive at the target location, these devices transmit a signal to a reader. The cards then give an update on the site of the vehicle.

The same concept can be applied to packages, confirming their departure from the origin point and their arrival at the destination point.

JLTcard’s MIFARE cards allow add-ons

Aside from the standard system that allows contactless data transfer and verification, you can also opt to add any of the following features to your system.

Doing so will enable you to meet additional business needs and save resources on what would otherwise be a separate intelligence solution.

Below are some of the add-ons you can consider for your business:

Additional memory

By default, a MIFARE Classic 4K card already has built-in memory. However, if your technical assessment of a proposed application suggests that this memory won‘t be enough, or if you‘re due for an upgrade, you can always contact your supplier for additional memory if you‘re due for an upgrade.

This feature is beneficial for MIFARE Ultralight, initially intended for lighter applications but with limited storage included.

On the other hand, products that use the MIFARE s70 card have a more significant memory included, satisfying most requirements.

Magnetic stripe

If you‘re looking to integrate an existing system that uses magnetic stripe readers, you can request JLT Card for MIFARE cards with additional magstripe add-ons. You can use both technologies on just a single card.

Contact JLT Card today!
If you‘re looking for contactless solutions for your business, consider starting with JLTcard’s MIFARE 4K cards. They are versatile, secure, and easy to implement for various applications.

You can choose from a wide variety of product families, each with its strengths and advantages. Furthermore, MIFARE 4K cards also allow several add-ons to suit your business requirements better.

If you’re looking for a reliable supplier of RFID technologies, check out JLT Card today. We’re a tech manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. JLT Card delivers customized RFID cards, tags, keyfobs, wristbands, etc. 

Contact JLT Card today and start adopting the smart technology your company needs.
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